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The Beauty Benefits From Coffee

There are beauty benefits from coffee, it is loaded with antioxidants, which can prevent premature skin aging. And some research even suggests an association between intake of and decreased risk of skin cancer. Here are three beauty benefits of coffee:

1. It gets rid of puffy eyes.
Caffeine works as a constrictor to reduce swelling and inflammation, according to dermatologists. We recommend applying eye creams that contain caffeine, as opposed to drinking coffee, because topical treatments target this skincare problem faster.

2. It minimizes the appearance of cellulite.
You’ve probably read accounts of women proclaiming that they got rid of cellulite by scrubbing with coffee, but this isn’t accurate. No matter what’s in the scrub, if you scrub hard enough it will irritate the skin. When you irritate the skin, it brings in more water, hence inflammation, so you get swollen. So if you’re going to the beach and want to scrub the heck out of your bum, the skin-firming effects will only last for about three hours.

3. It exfoliates dry skin and makes it feel silky smooth.
While coffee beans may be a bit too harsh to use on your face, using a good quality scrub made out of coffee bean grounds is a safer option for exfoliating the body. Scrubs shouldn’t hurt. You can grind the coffee beans so that it becomes a manual exfoliant and not a sharp one. Some of those seed exfoliants hurt because of the irregular shape.

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