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Why coffee as skincare?

Coffee naturally boosts blood flow, which makes your skin cells turnover so you feel all brand new. It can help with things like cellulite, stretch marks, scarring, eczema, and psoriasis. The real magic happens when you opens your pores, allowing the caffeine to be easily absorbed through your hair follicles, refreshing your skin.

While many natural exfoliants will smooth skin, they aren’t gentle. Coffee grounds are naturally softer, treating your skin kinder without even trying. That’s why I use it in my Espresso Martini Scrub. It combines the power of the bean with a range of natural oils like organic cold-pressed coconut and Vitamin E to replace any lost moisture to keep your skin soft for days.

Coffee is full of antioxidants, more so than any blueberry, so it can help target those dark lines and circles often caused by dehydration, stress, bad diets or smoking. The result? Bright skin and a refreshed glow. A total detox for your skin.

Like coffee, finding the right skincare can be a bit of a challenge. Coffee eliminates this problem because it has the same pH levels as your skin so it won’t cover, hide or suffocate you, just balance you out.

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