“Single Origin Skincare is reclaiming and upcycling used ground coffee from cafes to create positive impact on the environment, from the bean through to the cup”.

Single Origin Skincare is a social enterprise driven by the fundamental principles of sustainable practices to protect the environment and community.

By upcycling used ground coffee from cafes, S.O.S  effectively stops it from breaking down at landfill into dangerous methane and CO2 gasses.  This action alone diverts these gasses from entering the atmosphere and contributing to the Greenhouse Effect

People-focussed opportunity and support for those that are part of the global coffee community. 

We create sustainable ecosystem support in remote coffee growing regions, free coffee impact report for cafes.

Save Our Planet

Single Origin Skincare upcycles used ground coffee from cafes to disrupt the current practice of sending it to landfill diverting methane and CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Save Your Skin

Single Origin Skincare creates bio-degradable luxury skincare products which are fair-trade, eco-friendly and not tested on animals making them cruelty-free.
Save Your Skin. Save Our Planet.


Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily and Single Origin Skincare reclaims this waste handcraft luxurious skincare products.
Save Your Skin. Save Our Planet.

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable development requires human ingenuity. People-focussed principles are our most important resource at the very core of our every action.

We create community and opportunity in the coffee growing regions in Northern Thailand, and have the ability to set up communities globally.

Single Origin Skincare Founder, Dean Sprague

Sustainable Growth

What you buy makes community better.

Building community and sustainable coffee production.

Sustainable coffee production, helps our environment.

Sales of our skincare products are used help kids with their reading and writing.

Save Your Skin.
Save Your Planet.

Our featured product: Espresso Martini Beard Oil.

The perfect gift for the grizzly bear in your life, and the planet.

Espresso Martini Beard Oil is made with organic jojoba, argan and cold-pressed coconut oil, sweet orange extract and Indonesian vanilla.

Your purchase of SOS Espresso Martini Beard Oil will help purchase and deliver education supplies, books and uniforms to children living in the remote mountain coffee growing regions of Northern Thailand.

Do you run a cafe and want to know
how you can make an impact on coffee waste
and operate more sustainably?
We would love to welcome you into our global community.